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Hi. My name is Ido Shkedi.

I was born in January 1989. I’m a freelance cameraman and video editor, an investor on the path to financial independence, and an entrepreneur who taught himself web design to create a new dating app.

On my free time I surf the web, take photos, watch shows, read novels, play video games, and walk my dogs in nature.

I’m a citizen of the world, a citizen of the web, an Israeli working towards EU citizenship, an atheistic Jew, a left-wing liberal, a believer in self-sufficiency and personal responsibility, and a capitalist who feels that capitalism has gone too far.

Mainly, I’m a guy who likes putting ideas and thoughts into writing, hoping that someone finds them interesting. This isn’t my first blog, but it is a first attempt at addressing my different topics of interest on a single platform – once I get the time to focus on anything other than work and investing!

“Col miney” is a transliteration of the Hebrew words “all sorts”. Let’s hope it won’t be too much of a mess. 🙂