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Hedge Fund Update: Q2 2019
Hedge Fund Update: Q2 2019
Just a short portfolio update from my stock market hedge fund

I just received the 2nd quarter performance report from my stock market hedge fund. The fund has turned a nice profit of 3.1% (12.44% annualised), but still under-performed the S&P by about 1% (4.36% annualised difference).

That’s not very surprising, since the S&P 500 reached a new all-time high just as June was ending:

Source: Macrotrends

Honestly, looking at this chart scares the shit out of me: It looks like a disaster waiting to happen. I just hope that when lightning eventually strikes, the fund won’t crash as hard as the stock market. That’s supposed to be their speciality.

Even now, my overall XIRR since joining the fund surpasses that of the S&P:

Quick performance update from my stocks hedge fund
(click to enlarge on mobile)

So, I’m still a happy (but nervous) investor.

This post is not meant as investment counselling. I’m just a fellow investor sharing his personal thoughts and experiences.

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