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Hedge Fund Update: Q3 2019
Hedge Fund Update: Q3 2019
Short performance update from my investment in a stock market hedge fund

Today I received the fund’s Q3 performance report, and was rather disappointed to see that it had only made 1.45% this quarter, which translates into 5.76% annualised return. When I joined the fund two years ago I’d been told to expect returns in the realm of 12-16%, which has so far been proven very optimistic.

However, my S&P comparison chart gives a very different perspective on this data:

(Click to enlarge on mobile)

As long as the fund significantly surpasses the benchmark, I guess I can’t complain.

I am a bit concerned, though, about the stability of my passive income. The low return from the fund, combined with the prolonged decline of interest rates on Mintos, combined with the elective cash drag in response to the lower rates… all of this makes me wonder how much I can trust the income level from previous months as an indicator for my financially-independent future. You always need more =/

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