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Loan Portfolio Update: January 2019
Loan Portfolio Update: January 2019
Introduction to my investment portfolio, and this month's numbers

[drum roll] Finally, the day you’ve all been waiting for (shush, let me fantasise): my first portfolio update!

To keep these reports relevant to you guys, I will only review my current international investments. I also have about € 4,200 in an Israeli P2P platform, and about € 38,000 stuck in stocks which I’m waiting to sell when they recover some of their lost value (don’t pick your own stocks!). These investments will be excluded from blog updates.

The rest of my portfolio is split about 50-50 between European loan financing platforms, and a stock-market hedge fund. Unfortunately, the fund only sends out quarterly reports, so I’ll have to exclude them from this months’s income calculations.

So… Here are the numbers!

(Click to enlarge on smartphone)

Since the loan part of my portfolio is dominated by Mintos, I made a more detailed chart showing how I distribute my money among the different loan originators:


I’ve had an excellent month on Envestio and Fast Invest. Mintos showed solid returns, but also a significant increase in late loans. Fellow investors on Facebook say that late loans are normal for the post-holidays period. I hope they’re right, but can’t help but worry about a few of the loan originators.

Another concern is an upcoming law forbidding high interest rates and limiting short-term loans in Latvia. It’s a great law for borrowers and for the long-term stability of the industry, but it might push some loan providers out of business. Mintos has been “unusually busy” for a while now; I hope they free up their schedule enough to address this issue soon.

In the meantime, I transferred some money from Mintos to other platforms. Most notably, I finally joined Grupeer – a very promising platform offering business and real-estate development loans with buyback guarantee. Sadly, they are still young and missing some key features, like a secondary market and more data about loan originators. They’ve assured me that these features are in development, but there is no release date yet.

Bottom Line

This month I earned € 986 (pre-tax) from European platforms alone. Not bad, but there’s a way to go before I earn enough (especially in Euros) to reach financial independence.

I can’t wait to sell my old stocks and put that money to work, but honestly, don’t know where I would put it right now. Mintos originators seem too fragile, and the rest of the loan platforms still need to prove themselves.

That’s it, I hope this has been insightful. You’re welcome to share your thoughts and ask me anything in the comments.

Legal notice: This post is not meant as investment counselling! I’m just a fellow investor sharing his personal experience and thoughts.

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